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Our ecommerce partners provide the highest quality systems with high-value, high-volume online shopping solutions and support to set up every department of your virtual store and increase your online sales.

It is a whole new world of technology that requires expertise to convey your message. We understand what is involved in responsive design and development and work with you to identify basic mobile requirements that fit your business goals.


Good design is more than a striking look. The key to our approach is to create a custom website that your customers will find easy to use across all of their web-enabled devices. Our work is brand-conscious, product-centric and strategic with emphasis on usability, smart human factors, and cool graphic design.

Improved usability + conversion rates
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Is your message fragmented? We will work with you to develop content that elevates and organizes your online marketing with a clear and compelling message.


We will help you decide on the most effective solution to support your long-term business goals; from creative direction and brand strategy to art, design, and technology choices.

Need help once your project is over? We provide design and technology maintenance services for your website and graphics. We also provide training on site-management applications and social media to customers who want to have a greater hand in the care and feeding of their website and online marketing.


Get ahead of your competitors - we will help you understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. We will create a search-friendly foundation and help you to actively manage your results position with both short- and long-term strategies.

Opening your business to Social Media opportunities is the best targeted marketing you can employ. We will help you understand which arena is right for your business goals and bridge the gap between technology and getting your message out there.

By choosing values-fit partnerships, we help our clients grow and flourish, and we grow and flourish in turn.

We have been fortunate to work with great companies who come to us only by referral. We value professionalism, experience, talent and skill and take great pride in the quality of our work.

Clif Family

Clif Family

Current Project Showcase

We created a responsive Wordpress website with a modern look-and-feel for the Clif Family to showcase their popular wine and food brands and highlight the unique experiences they offer in the Napa Valley.
The wine industry has unique needs, and it is a pleasure to create successful projects for our wine clients. We have wonderful relationships with wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma, California as well as wineries in Oregon, Washington, Italy, and France.

  • 32 Winds Wine
    32 Winds Wine

    We combined the unique brand imagery of 32 Winds with gorgeous photos and designed a responsive website integrated into Wordpress.

  • Alder Springs Vineyard
    Alder Springs Vineyard

    We worked closely with Alder Springs to capture their distinct landscape and the personalities of each wine. The website is visually luscious and ties in seamlessly with their Nexternal ecommerce system.

  • Bespoke Collection
    Bespoke Collection

    Our long-term relationship and experience with each brand in the Bespoke Collection gave us the opportunity to showcase their unique personalities while giving careful consideration to the company's identity as a whole. We created resonsive websites with unifying Bespoke design hooks and individual brand style.

    Blackbird Vineyards, Ærena Galleries & Gardens, Recuerdo Wines

  • Blackbird Vineyards
    Blackbird Vineyards

    Since 1999, the Blackbird Vineyard quietly provided fruit to many of Napa's finest winemakers for whom it yielded astonishing comments from Napa Valley veterans and noteworthy editorialists. Purchased by Michael Polenske in 2003, Blackbird Vineyards is now an ultra premium label in its own right.

    Part of the Bespoke Collection.

  • Æena Galleries & Gardens
    Æena Galleries & Gardens

    Æena Galleries & Gardens show the work of emerging, mid-career and established artists, offering a great range and selection of styles and media. We created a modern, high-style website that highlights Æena's unique brand and fantastic artists.

    Part of the Bespoke Collection.

  • Bespoke Collection
    Recuerdo Wines

    Offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience exceptional premium wines that capture the best of Argentina's unique terroir, specifically within the high-altitude Uco Valley.

    Part of the Bespoke Collection.

  • Herb Lamb Vineyards
    Herb Lamb Vineyards

    Herb Lamb Vineyards nurtures a cool-climate hillside property that consistently produces some of the finest wines in the Napa Valley. We created a highly visual, responsive website that showcases the personality and quality of the land and wines. We also carried this through into the winery's marketing campaigns and Nexternal ecommerce system.

  • Katali Wines
    Katali Wines

    Katali Wines is a special endeavor of Mike and Jackie Downer. Both wine enthusiasts with deep roots in the Napa Valley, they have created delicious ultra-premium small production wines. We worked with Mike and Jackie to design a modern brand image that we developed across all pieces of collateral including wine labels, products, and web site.

  • Lewis Cellars
    Lewis Cellars

    It has been our pleasure to work with the Lewis Cellars team for many years. We were delighted to take their branding to the next level by designing and building a responsive website to showcase the winery and the hard work that goes in to every wonderful bottle. The website conveys the unique style that is Lewis Cellars and integrates seamlessly with their Nexternal ecommerce system and mobile-friendly store.

  • Neyers Vineyards
    Neyers Vineyards

    Producing stellar California wines with a French flair since 1992. Neyers' home vineyards are located in the hills east of St. Helena, and we wanted to highlight this gorgeous location. We created a modern, sophisticated website that shows the personality and quality of the brand, carrying this through into their online newsletter marketing campaigns and Nexternal ecommerce system.

It is a joy to showcase the hard work of our clients by creating beautiful and functional frameworks. We work on projects for individuals and companies in a variety of industries and market spaces.

  • The California Judicial Center Library
    The California Judicial Center Library

    It has been our great pleasure to work with the California Judicial Center Library for many years. CJCL serves all members of the Supreme Court of California and the Court of Appeal First District and is open to the Judicial Council. We created a clean, easy-to-navigate site that provides information and a jumping off point for library resources.

  • Cookit Media
    CookIt Media

    CookIt Media is an influencer marketing agency that brings brands and influencers together around a shared passion for food. They have a beautiful aesthetic that we brought to life in the design and development of their site.

  • Freedom To Move
    Freedom To Move

    Gina C. James is a multilevel bodywork therapist with extensive experience in numerous modalities. We have worked with Gina for many years, morphing and growing her brand presence to showcase her ever growing practice. We expanded this latest iteration of the Freedom To Move website with an open look-and-feel, easy navigation, and responsive design.

  • maxiSHARE

    maxiSHARE is the leading provider of pediatric educational materials, helping pediatric patients, caregivers, teachers, and health care professionals since 1983. We created a resonsive website that integrates with their Nexternal ecommerce system.

  • Glenn's Army Surplus
    Glenn's Army Surplus

    Glenn's is a true, old fashioned army surplus store, locally owned and family run since 1979. They specialize in hard to find genuine US Government Issue Surplus and are fully stocked in US Army and US Air Force rank and insignia. We created a responsive website to work seamlessly with their Nexternal ecommerce system.

  • MJ Ryan
    MJ Ryan

    MJ specializes in coaching high performance executives, entrepreneurs, and leadership teams around the world. We created a sophisticated brand strategy, logo, website, and blog that engage new clients, invite speaking engagements, and promote MJ's bestselling books.

    Habit Changers

    We created a responsive website to showcase MJ's most recent publication.

  • Quadratos

    We developed a brand strategy, logo, blog, website, and storefront for the Quadratos® community, utilizing social media to inform with the latest news, downloadable libraries, and search functionality.

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Our clients are focussed on running and building their businesses and turn to us, the experts, to make their websites look and behave in a way that compliments their core branding and messaging. Designing a website is much more work than people realize, and it can get complicated quickly. Templates can work for bare-bones organizations that just need a website to function as a business card, without complex functionality, but professional companies should pursue custom website design.

We design and build custom websites, considering SEO best practices and learning what kind of ROI you are looking for.

When you work with neek•design, you are getting Creative Direction at the highest level. We champion the intersection where Art, Design, and Technical Acumen meet Strategy by ensuring that all elements and approaches support our client’s bottom line. We intend for our partnerships to be co-creative around our shared ambitions and focus on how we can build something great together.

Art, Design, and Technology should work hand-in-hand to deliver your point emotionally and physically.

Art Direction is about evoking the right emotion that connects what you are seeing with what you are experiencing. By contrast, Design is the Technical execution of that connection. The best Creative Directors are jacks-of-all-trades and masters-of-all-trades. We think about all of the possible scenarios and help our clients to make well-informed decisions amongst tough choices. Then, we deliver.

Responsive HTML vs Wordpress

Whether HTML or Wordpress, we are going to create a custom design for your business.

The Neekdesign website is our custom design built in a responsive, up-to-date code base. This is our preferred development method, because it allows us to create websites that align with our core values; websites that are professional, uniquely branded to our clients, credible, search engine friendly, responsive, flexible, adaptable, and scalable.

Many of our clients have need of content management. In the rare case where our clients have multiple contributors and want to do all their own maintenance with a bare minimum of HTML, our CMS recommendation is Wordpress with a custom Neekdesign theme. For our full-scale custom websites, we provide maintenance training as part of our web package.